Ingonyama Logistics & Sales was established in July 2004, we took over an established operation, and have gone from a daily production of approximately 7500 blocks, to our current output of 10000 blocks per day.

We manufacture M6, M4, M9, M6u, Stock Bricks, Maxi bricks, Retainers and Sill Blocks. We send our blocks to an offsite lab which means our blocks conform to the SABS 1215 standard. Regular tests are carried out on the blocks to ensure a quality product is produced at all times.

Housing Projects

We have manufactured and delivered blocks in the following areas.

In total for all these projects we have supplied over 4.5 million Blocks, without incident. Our blocks are tested and are on average between 4mpa and 4.2mpa. We produce a stronger block on request for certain projects.

King Williams Town Fort Beaufort
Whittlesea Queenstown
Ilinge Burgersdorp
Reeston East London
Nompumulelo Beacon Bay